SimSim Styles (Brooklyn, NY)

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SimSim Da Natural Hair Innovator

Brooklyn, NY

I am inspired by anyone who believes that they can make it despite the odds

Interview with SimSim Styles

How long have you been doing hair? Who or what inspired you to become as a hairstylist?

I have been doing hair off an on for 14yrs . Seriously for 2yrs after I got my cosmetology license. My mom is the one who really inspired me to be a hairstylist because for years she been telling me that my hands are anointed to do hair even when I could barely do a proper style.

You have created a signature style called the Da SimSima.  Can you tell us what that is and how you came up with the style?

My Signature hairstyle Da Sim Simma was inspired from a Hairstyle I did for a hair company in February of 2013. I had to change the back of the hairstyle so it can look like an everyday hairstyle so anyone can rock it and it look extremely stylish. The name came from my name, SimSim.

What’s your favorite hairstyle to rock or create for your clients (faux locs, crochet weave, box braids, etc) and why?

During the Fall and Winter season I love Faux locs and Yarn dreads! In the Spring and Summer season I typically wear a hairstyle similar to my signature hairstyle.

What brand of products do you absolutely love and depend on and why?

I love Kera Care shampoo, Shea moisture Conditioner, Virgin Fertilizer Grease, Whole Foods pure Coconut Oil. I’m not a product junkie anymore so I’m not obsessed with a lot of products because I rarely wear my hair out.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

This year I am most proud of my my name showing up on the first page in Google when you searching for Faux Locs in NYC.

 What styles and regimens do you recommend to help your clients grow long, healthy hair?

Healthier hair starts within your body.  I always tell my clients to start eating right, drink more water, start taking vitamins because we are getting older. Also, be sure to get your ends trimmed every 3 months.

Whats next for you? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I want to be known as a positive person that encourages everyone who comes around me to strive for the best.   I don’t know what’s next for me because I’m following God’s lead, so just like you I’m waiting to see what He has  next for me as well!

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