The Most Popular Feed-in Braids Style of 2016

The Most Popular Braids Style of 2016
Credit: @lashonte

Protective styles are very popular because they give your hair a chance to grow, as a result of low manipulation.  One trend we’ve seen in the past few months is feed-in braids (cornrows) braided to one side.

One reason why everyone seems to love this style is because it looks so good on children and adults.  In addition, it has a feminine look.  Small braids also means this style will last longer and will not get frizzy as fast.

Take a look at this style on a few different women and girls and let me  know what you think.

  • The Most Popular Braids Style of 2016
    Hair by @Cali_Braids on Instagram

The key to achieving this style is to have small braids and ensure the parts are done correctly. Some stylists will actually sew the braids together in the back, to make sure they fall correctly.

Either way– this is a style that is cute and looks good on just about everyone!

Would you rock this style?

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Brandelyn Green

Brandelyn Green

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