L.O.C Method: What Is It? Why Your Natural Hair Needs It!

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In this article we’re going to talk about the L.O.C Method: What Is It? Why Your Natural Hair Needs It!


If you have natural hair, you know that moisture is your best friend.  The problem is that it’s a big challenge to keep your hair moisturized, especially if your hair is kinky, coily or tightly curled.  Look no further! The L.O.C method is a method every natural should try! This practice provides your hair with maximum moisture and promotes healthy hair growth! Read on to learn how this method can help with maintaining your natural hair and keeping it moisturized.


What Does L.O.C Stand For?

LOC Method by VoiceOfHair


The L stands for liquid/leave in. This is a step we are all familiar with. As naturals it is very important to always apply a leave in after you was your hair. For this step, make sure your leave in is water based. One great product is Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Cream. This is a product that many naturals swear by, even though it’s not ALL natural. If your hair is fine, you may want to use a leave-in such as the Super Duper Hydrating Cream from Karen’s Body Beautiful.


The O stands for oil. The oil will help seal in the moisture that was previously applied to your hair. With this step please keep your hair texture in mind. If your hair is thick, you may be able to get away with a heavier oil, such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil. With fine hair, it is best to use a lighter oil, such as jojoba oil.


The C stands for cream. This is the last and final step to the L.O.C method. Any cream, butter or moisturizing styler can be used to help seal in all the moisture applied to your hair. One popular cream is the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It can be used to help set your hair for a twist out or braid out (although it doesn’t hold the curls, but rather moisturizes and defines them).

This method has improved my hair regimen dramatically! Now I will admit that it took me a long time to finally fall in love with this method. I tried so many different hair products but after a few tries I found my staple products for this method. When done correctly this method will benefit your hair and the many hairstyles you choose to do following this method!

So tell me, have you used the L.O.C method? What products do use?

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  • Carms T. Frazier says:

    Yes I swear by this method also. I have used the Cantu leave in but I now switch between the Cantu and Giovanni leave in, I mostly use the organic cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, and for cream I use the crime of nature Butter Licious Curls. In place of the crime I sometimes use Hawiian Silky activator. I also have bounced around with the Jojoba Oil, JBCO and different Eco Styler. I like to play around with it a bit, have fun while taking care of my natural hair.

  • Natural gurl says:

    Yes I use the l.o.c. method I love it and so does my hair

  • Shannon A says:

    At first when I went natural I only needed a curl defining cream and coconut oil. Since I bleached my hair, I really depend on the loc method. It has really helped keep my curls.

  • Ciayrriah Moss says:

    Can I use this method on my locs?

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